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Walton High Have Rocked The Venue!

March was an exciting and busy time for Walton High Performing Arts who presented their eagerly anticipated version of the hit Queen musical We Will Rock You.

Performed by a cast of 60 students ranging from Y7 - Y13, an excellent band and a fantastic, student led, stage management team, the company rehearsed tirelessly ensuring a slick and professional production was achieved. With such challenging musical numbers, precise choreography, an amusing script alongside amazing lighting and sound, the show was a big success and we are so proud of the hard work and talent of every single person involved. 

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us. Seeing the audience join in and sway their arms during We Are The Champions and a standing ovation at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody really was an accolade to the performers. 
If you missed it - make sure you join us for our next event and in the meantime check out some of our reviews below.

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Every aspect of the show was so professional, from the technical and lighting to the music, acting and singing. In an age when young people get a bad press, it is so marvellous and uplifting to see students so committed to creating something so confidently and enthusiastically. The level of creativity and commitment was absolutely wonderful.”

“Thank you… it was absolutely brilliant and so funny. The singing was amazing!”

“What talent! Congratulations to everyone on such a fantastic production!”

“Congratulations on an awesome show—we absolutely loved it!”

“The show was AMAZING! I enjoyed it so much. It was so professional! Well done to you all!”

E36DE118 87BB 4F18 9513 D10C4B628D27“Congratulations to everyone on and off the stage as your hard work, dedication and commitment has clearly paid off! It always makes me so proud to see students and staff working together to produce an outstanding event.”

“Thank you for last night's performance… I was blown away by the standard. Slick scene changes, amazing lights, lines delivered swiftly and clearly, Band was tight and complemented the cast. The choreography sets a new standard at Walton High. The casting was perfect- the voices stunning- and you could really hear the harmonies in the chorus. Loved it!”